Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Goals

As the end of another year is upon us, instead of looking back on this year, which has been trying to say the least, I am choosing to look forward.  We decided in the summer of 2009 to go to a credit card free system, and  we are continuing that and working on trying to pay off all our credit card debt and not use ANY credit.  I will be starting another blog on that as soon as I can get all my information together.

This coming year I am working on reducing....reducing my weight, the clutter in this house, our debt, and most of all our wasted time.  We are starting Family Game Night, cutting back on screen time, and spending more time together as a family and with friends we never seem to have the time to see.  I am also working on getting a full-time job, preferably teaching, but right now I'll take anything...I can always work on my Master's Degree before I start teaching instead of after. 

I've been talking to my cousin who turned my DH and I on to Dave Ramsey and have decided I'm going to invest some time and a bit of money in to starting an Etsy shop with my knitting and sewing, maybe even teach some classes in my home on the side. 

My goal (I decided that sounded better than resolution) for 2011 is to be gainfully employed, have fewer credit card balances, weigh less than I do today and not regret the end of any day or weekend for lost time.

Oh, and I'm also going to do my best to blog more...Kid Jedi is becoming an amazing little boy whose creativity and intelligence amazes me every day.

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year...may all your goals be reached.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger....

To say things around here have been hectic is an understatement.  To bring you up to date, my wonderful, loving husband got notice that he would be getting laid off last December, right before Christmas.  His last day of employment was February 12 of this year (his birthday), and so we went on unemployment...keep in mind I am a substitute teacher, no permanent job, no benefits, nothing.  Fortunately his longevity with the company kept a severance check and benefits coming in through the summer.  However, with the job market in the Philadelphia area being what it is and huge amounts of layoffs happening, jobs were not easy to be found.  He did start a new job at a non-profit on August 9, which he loves, but with a $15,000/year paycut and very expensive benefits.

In the meantime, as of September, I received my K-5 and Supplemental Reading and Math for K-8 teaching certifications through the Alternate Route program in NJ, but since our wonderful governor cut funding to schools, botched the Race to the Top application and basically declared war on schools and the NJEA, there are no jobs in schools in this area.  And since I did Alternate Route I can't just apply in another state, not that they are doing any better.

So, subbing I do, but we had to go all of September and 1/2 of October with just my husband's reduced pay.  We are now struggling with our bills, and not happy at all about our financial situation.  I am still looking for a permanent position, but trying really hard to keep on God's path of me working with children.  I did have an interview this week for a Toddler teacher at a Preschool in the area, but by the time I would have to pay for my son's before and after school care and camp or a sitter for the summer, the pay wasn't worth it...I'm actually making almost as much as a sub, but no benefits.  So the search goes on.

I have a sub job that lasts until the end of this month, possibly longer, and hopefully something permanent will come along, I'm looking into all types of positions, aide, preschool, private and public schools.

On the positive, Kid Jedi got his first report card and is doing wonderfully, he needs to work on his handwriting and following directions the first time (he's stubborn and has ADHD, not a good combination).   He is having a great year at school.

We are looking at our current season as a lesson, we are paying off our credit cards, and NEVER using them again.  Any points you can get from them are not worth the headache.  It's easier (and cheaper) to pay cash and it teaches children patience.

Our situation will get better, we will make it through this season of our life and we will be better for it.

I promise my next post won't be so far away and will not be as serious and depressing.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My new blog

Check it out...I'm reviewing books now...

Over at My Reading Adventures

It's a biography of Sir Isaac Newton.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

First grade....great first week!

To say that this has been a busy week is like saying the Titanic was a boat (or that it had a small accident)...School started this week.  The first day went well.  Kid Jedi was totally excited to go back to school and see his friends.  And, we didn't get a call from the school AT ALL!!  He actually had a very good week and the only tears came when I picked him up right after school at the After School program.  You see, I'm intending to sub more this year...a lot more this year, so we signed him up for our school's before/after school program and since he may be there after school, I always have to pick him up there after school, even when he's not staying...good for scheduling, bad for children.  So he cried, not because he had a bad day, because he didn't want to leave.

Tuesday and Wednesday were half days, so he was done at 12:45...Tuesday one of his friends came over and they played, and I pinned some pants for the little boy so I can hem them for him (which I really need to get to this week).  And then soccer practice started.  Let's just say he had fun and leave it at that.

Wednesday I was supposed to get some cleaning done but that just didn't happen.  A woman I work with on our Special Ed parents' group was having a tough day, so she came over for coffee...and stayed until almost noon.  Now, I did invite her over and she did need someone to talk to but right now my house looks like a bomb went off and I really need to throw everything out organize our junk things and get some serious cleaning done.  I mean, Kid Jedi has been home for 10 weeks and I've gotten nothing, and I mean nothing done.

So, then Thursday was upon us and it was Kid Jedi's first full day...which was a good day, except for an incident at lunch which, if it was anyone else's child, would have been really funny.  Ok, it was really funny and it's my child!  He got to take lunch, and since right now the only thing he really eats is cheese ravioli, that's what he got!  And the only way ravioli is complete is when you put some grated parmesan cheese on it, right?  Well, I sent some in for him and he did put some on his ravioli...and then he dumped some on a little boy's head.  Now, Kid Jedi has a 1:1 aide, but let's be real, she's human she can't prevent everything and she can't be there all the time.  So one of the other adults in the lunchroom told her what he did, and Kid Jedi had to clean it up.  Now, from the sound of it, he didn't get punished for christening another child with stinky parmesan cheese, which in a way is good since it shows that his aide knows him.  Her words to me were, I didn't say anything to Kid Jedi about what he did since I'm not sure what the other boy did.  Now Kid Jedi does these things, grabs other kids, pins them down, dumps cheese that smells like dirty feet on kids' heads, but only when he's provoked...and he was.  Apparently the other child said that the school custodian was to a 6, almost 7 year old, he is old...but Kid Jedi will protect his friends (and he loves the custodian) through anything...that's what gets him in the most trouble.  Oh, and a lot of grumpiness happened on Thursday since Kid Jedi felt he should be up at 5, then fell asleep from 7-7:35 while I showered, then I had to wake him up since his father didn't know what time I needed him to get dressed, though he knows we leave at 8 to get to school.  So, he was tired and grumpy, but even the Behaviorist who never sees any improvement remarked about how he's improved with listening.

Then Friday came...Kid Jedi had a great day, got to stay at the after school program, got ice cream for a treat, got to play with Daddy.  And I got to start my weekend of Women of Faith in Philadelphia, but that's another post...

He had his first soccer game yesterday, though I missed it.  They lost 3-2, but he stayed focused on the game until the 4th quarter.  Though come the 4th quarter, he had much more interest in the grass.

So now, we get ready for week 2 and some sub jobs for me.  I'm already subbing Tuesday and Wednesday and was going to sub tomorrow, but I have some paperwork to drop off at so I can sub at our county school for special needs children who need more than their home districts can provide.

I'm really glad we had a great start to first grade...and I hope it continues.  We did get a note on Friday that Kid Jedi will be getting help with his handwriting, which may or may not work since he has several relatives without very neat handwriting and, well, you can't change genetics...and I wouldn't want to.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer wrap-up

So, next Tuesday (September 7), Kid Jedi will be returning to school.  We will be on a new schedule this year with me substituting as much as possible this year and sending him to our school's before/after care program.  It's difficult for me to enter this year and not be completely available for him as I have been every day of his life so far, but it's time to enter a new season of our life.

We are entering into the last week of summer vacation, and as usual we will try to pack as much summer fun into it as we can.  The plan is to go to the pool as much as we can, especially with a heatwave coming on this week.  The hubby took him to HersheyPark yesterday and they stayed the whole day...literally, they got there less than 1 hour after opening and didn't leave until the park closed at 10.  There's one of Kid Jedi's classmates that we haven't had a chance to have a playdate with, so I'll try to call his Mom this week and schedule that as well as another little girl he wants to get together with.  Fortunately all our school shopping is done, so we can dedicate next week to fun.

Kid Jedi had the chance to meet his teacher last week.  Our class lists aren't actually posted yet, they won't be until this coming Friday, but we requested this teacher since she really works with her students on social etiquette which Kid Jedi really needs.  Prior to meeting her, he said he wanted the other 1st grade teacher, but now he's really happy with her.

So, here's to a fun last week of summer and a great first week of school...

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Five Favorite Family Time Activities

The busier we get in life, the more important it is to schedule family activities. Whether you have a small family or a large family, finding time to spend together is not always easy. Five activities we do together are:

  1. Heading to Amusement Parks, though this is more fun for Kid Jedi and the hubby, I enjoy taking pictures and seeing the joy in Kid Jedi's face.
  2. Playing board games, our current favorites are Sorry, Lego Race and Battleship.
  3. Watching movies, Kid Jedi has recently decided we need to have family movie night where he picks a movie and we all watch together, it's nice because we all stop running to watch the movie.
  4. We play outside whenever we can, this summer with the heat and humidity, it hasn't been as much as we like but we head outside, have adventures, kick the soccer ball around, etc.
  5. Kid Jedi's favorite, as you know if you read my blog at all, is to all play with Lego bricks together. I'm not just saying this because of the blogging program that inspired this post, we have thousands (really) of Lego bricks and 30-40 kits that are put together.

I wrote this blog post while participating in the TwitterMoms and LEGO blogging program, making me eligible to get a prize pack. For more information on how you can participate, click here.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Lost Summer

Somehow, summer is almost over. I know in some areas, school is already starting. I have a cousin in Georgia who is starting school today. But here, it seems like we barely started summer and now we have 3 weeks left until the kiddos are back in school. Granted, this winter we had lots of this stuff.

So, we didn't get out of school until June 24, but still. I guess we filled up our summer with lots of activities.

Kid Jedi spent his first weekend down the shore with my parents (he stayed Saturday night through Tuesday), and then we had Backyard Bible Bash for 3 days.

Then, well, it was 4th of July already and Summer Reading at the Library every Wednesday started. Then starting July 12 we had a Nature Camp at our town's lake. Kid Jedi loved it, except for the heat and he thought all the hikes were going to be the same so he didn't want to do that the second day...oh, and they didn't tell me for the 1st 2 days that he was hitting one of the older kids that was helping out so I couldn't stop him from doing that, though it did stop as soon as I told him no hitting. But I have no pictures of camp.
Finally, we had a whole week off (except for summer reading at the library) but I had to study for my English Subject Matter Praxis II test. Then we had fun at VBS.

That was a fun, but exhausting week...we even had 5 children ask Jesus into their hearts. Kid Jedi wanted to do it too, but he did that last year at VBS, so Pastor Dan wants to sit with him and explain what he can do next. I love our church!!

Finally...our summer can begin. We have been to the swim club a handful of times, between being busy and the unbearable heat, it hasn't happened. The amusement parks that we have season passes to, also a bust this year. We did spend time down the shore with my parents last week and will be going again the end of this week to do some trick-or-treating at their campground.

It just seems like this is the summer that never was...well, we have 3 weeks - I guess we'll be busy having fun!!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy, busy bees

That's what we've been, though I don't really feel a sense of accomplishment, yet.

We've had a busy week. Our church is running their Vacation Bible School this week, the theme is Heartbeat Hospital. We've had a great turn out all week, last night we had 55 children, plus 10 teen helpers! We have the wonderful Miss Karen who paints some amazing pictures for us.

We've had some great crafts, games, snacks, the kids have gotten some great prizes and most of all we've learned about God and how he works on his heart. We are collecting coins for Elijah's House in Timbuktu. The children are all having a great time. Kid Jedi brought some friends yesterday and he loves learning more and more about what God has done to bring us to him.

Our goal, as servants of the one true God is to bring some of these children to a belief in Jesus Christ. Please pray for us that we will not only provide these children with fun this week, but an eternal life.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Yeah, so back in the middle of June I finally took my Praxis II for my K-5 Teacher's Certification. I'm doing the Alternate Route to Teaching in New Jersey which means I have a degree, I take my tests, get a CE, find a job, and take my Pedagogy courses during my first year of teaching. So, I got my scores on July 6, I passed. So I submitted my application to the state on July 9, got my forms Notarized and sent in all my supporting info (transcripts, Certificate of Completion for the 24-hour Pre-Service class, etc.) and now I wait. I guess I probably wouldn't be as frustrated if the State showed that they had received my test scores, but they don't. So, here I am 16 days after I got my scores on-line and the State doesn't show that they've received them. Keep in mind that the company that does the Praxis test is in the same State, actually only a couple of towns away from the State Capitol.

And, on top of me checking daily, multiple times, I'm studying for my K-12 English Literature Praxis II text I have this Saturday morning, getting things together for our church's VBS which starts next week and I have to teach Sunday School this Sunday. Oh, and I'm looking for Substitute positions because I don't really want to take an aide position and lose out on the slim, almost nonexistent chance I might find a teaching position for the next school year (well maybe a teacher will take maternity leave).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lego misadventure

I discovered a couple of things about myself today...I can handle the sight of blood, and a lot of it coming from my child's hand, I can't handle the smell of blood as I clean it out of his shirt, my pants and my Vera Bradley bag, I can handle looking at the wound, but my husband can't.

We had an incident this morning. Kid Jedi, who is 6, decided to open a Lego kit he wanted to build, but instead of opening it with his hands, he decided he should use my DH's Swiss Army keychain, specifically the knife. Well, he cut toward himself, the knife got stuck and when he pulled, he sliced across his thumb. Now, I found out that finger wounds on 6 year olds bleed as bad as head wounds. I also discovered that as dull as the knife is on those keychains, it will slice through a child's fingernail.

Don't think we leave the keychain laying around for him to get and use, he was building a set last night before bed and the keychain/knife got left out. And he wasn't actually unsupervised for long this morning, it happened while I was in the bathroom, less than a minute. We did call the doctor's office and thought the cut was deep enough to go through the fingernail, since the bleeding stopped with pressure, no stitches were needed. We will just be tending to his thumb for the next several months as the split nail grows out.

Needless to say, the Swiss Army keychain is now put away higher than it was before, we had a long talk with him about never using knives until he learns how to use them and we say it's ok for him to use it...and to ask for help!! He never once asked me to help him open it when he saw it was a box he couldn't open on his own.

Any adventures going on at your home this summer?

Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer's here

Well, we're finally out of school...the last day was Thursday. I have a few days to myself while my parents have Kid Jedi down the shore, he left Saturday night after my nephew's graduation party and will be back either Tuesday (tomorrow) or Wednesday. So now I get to be teacher, aide, entertainer for the summer. Don't get me wrong, I love not having to get Kid Jedi up to go to school in the morning, and I love having him home. I bought a Summer workbook for him to go through, not really to keep up his skills because he has them, but to keep up a routine. I have books upon books for us to read and we're doing the Summer reading program at the library on Wednesdays from 12-12:45.

Add to that Backyard Bible Bash Wed-Friday mornings this week, the swim club, visiting my parents at the shore (together next time), VBS at the end of July, we are starting to have a very busy summer...and no play dates scheduled yet.

It will be fun, it will be eventful, and it will probably be so busy that I will be looking forward to September 7 when he goes back to school.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Life, it's going to settle down...please

To say that the last several weeks have been busy would be, well, putting it mildly. Since I last blogged, on May 25, we had Kid Jedi's IEP meeting, I've been subbing a lot, we had this nasty sore throat/cold that never leaves come into the house, a great Memorial day gathering at the little sis's (also known as the favorite aunt) house, my parents came back to NJ from FL (I'd say home, but there real house is in FL), I took my Praxis II exam for K-5 to get my CE to start my Alternate Route teaching (also known as I'll soon be an unemployed teacher instead of a Substitute Teacher), and we've been trying to prepare for the end of the school year...and my nephew's graduation.

So, I'll start with the IEP meeting, we got to keep Kid Jedi's aide for next year, and he got a fidget to play with to keep him focused on lessons. They will also be keeping up on the OT consultations which involve the school's OT talking to the teacher to see what Kid Jedi needs...we'll see how it works out next year.

I do understand that I picked a really bad time to decide to work on my Alternate Route Teacher's Certificate in NJ, but I did it anyway, and I'll be looking for a job in about a month, figuring I passed the test. I will still be subbing next year, hopefully I'll find a maternity position which will get me a Standard cert and let me start on my Special Ed cert so I can get closer to working with Autistic kids.

And, my nephew...well, I can't believe he's graduating High School, it seems like just yesterday he was born, but in October, he got his Eagle Scout award and next Thursday, he'll be a High School graduate. He'll be going to York College next year to study Mechanical Engineering. I am very proud of my nephew. He's an amazing young man and I'm sure he'll do wonderfully at college.

Kid Jedi will be done school on Thursday, the same day my nephew graduates. He's so looking forward to the end of school. I'm not sure why it seems like they go so much later than we used to go to school, but it does. I know this year is longer because of all the snow we had here in NJ, but I still remember being done earlier than the 18th when he was originally scheduled to be done.

Hopefully things will settle down over the next week or so and then...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Top Ten Things I like About Subbing

Top Ten list time again...I've been MIA because of a lot of substitute teaching, so I figured I should do a top ten list on what I like about substitute teaching.

1. You meet some great children (teachers too).

2. You learn a lot about the learning differences of children.

3. You don't have to deal with grading.

4. You are done work by 3:30, though you may start as early as 7:30.

5. You come away with some great stories.

6. You get to teach all grades. This is great for someone like me who is working toward becoming a teacher.

7. Work is never boring!

8. If you have a difficult class, you get to say no next time.

9. You are still free to do things with your child's class.

10. You get to touch a lot of children's lives.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top Ten reasons ADHD is a blessing

ADHD is always treated as a curse, you always hear about the problems, here are my top 10 reasons I choose to see ADHD as a blessing.

1. Every day is a new adventure, literally Kid Jedi has daily adventures fighting to save the universe from some evil force.

2. You learn everything there is to know about a subject, even the minutest detail because obscure questions come up about everything.

3. You know all the different types of Lego bricks, and how many sets you are "missing".

4. You are always challenged to run, whether you want to or not.

5. You hear stories that amaze you at the creativity, like the one I have about an Alligator named Lorraine who eats piranha (Kid Jedi is in Kindergarten).

6. You collect complete sets of things: books, Lego series, sticks.

7. You get to spend lots of time outside.

8. You get lots of stories to tell and blog about.

9. You are challenged to make simple things like homework really interesting...we play a game to learn spelling words.

10. You learn patience, love, tolerance and most of all you learn that sometimes your brain just moves too fast for the rest of the world.

Not to say that ADHD doesn't have it's downside, it definitely has that, but that's another list...

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Eco-friendly AD/HD Child

One thing to love, and hate, about having AD/HD in our life is the ability of Kid Jedi to feel passionately and unwaveringly about something. In our case it is the environment. Kid Jedi thinks it's his personal calling in life to save the Earth. We went to HersheyPark yesterday for their Springtime in the Park celebration. He wanted to pick up all the trash people left on the ground and more than once was heard saying "these people don't love the earth, they are ruining it because they leave their trash everywhere". My DH told me that when they were getting on The Howler, he said that "HersheyPark doesn't love the Earth, the plants they have aren't from here, they took out plants from here and put these plants here, that isn't good for the Earth."

I will take full responsibility for his overzealous opinions toward littering and recycling, but I have no idea where he learned about native plants being better.

He was also upset with the poor guy making the Kettle Corn because he threw the empty oil bottles into the trash instead of recycling them...we must give him the benefit of the doubt that he may normally recycle, but when they have a line that keeps growing and he has to refill his oil, popcorn and sugar, efficiency is his priority, not recycling.

I love that my son is so concerned about the environment, but I never realized how much he sees and understands about what is good and bad for the environment.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm back...and with a really BIG rant too!

Back to being a SAHM. I wound up getting extended yet again at my temp job, but now I'm home. Ready to focus on getting this house organized, purged and cleaned and prepping for my Teacher's cert exam. I really liked the job I had, but I can't wait to become a teacher, even with our wonderful Governor slashing public school funding.

I understand that our State is in severe debt, but cutting education funding is not the way to go in improving the health of our State's economy, especially when, in the same budget, you take away a tax on people in the $400,000 tax bracket. And, this cut is on top of them already cutting funding this year so that schools were already getting less than they did last year. I mean, come on, we fight to pay our bills every day and now we are faced with either our property taxes will go up to face the shortfall or staff, classes, or services will be cut at our schools. My sister's district already told at least one of the specials teachers (you know: art, music, world languages, physical education, computers) that their position was going to be cut to part-time, no benefits and they are having a meeting with all of the specials teachers this week. And the Governor had the gall to say that it was up to the schools to decide how to work within his cuts and it wasn't his fault if services or teachers got cut...huh?!? Now, even with me becoming a teacher, I don't necessarily agree that teachers should get their health benefits and pensions paid for by the district, they should have to put into it as does everyone else today. I also don't agree with some of the excessive raises that they are expecting in this economy. Many people aren't getting raises right now, teachers shouldn't be any different. The thing is though, to cut funding isn't even allowing that, it is causing districts to possibly cut teaching positions or cut back on them so they are part-time so they don't have to provide benefits.

We have great school systems in our State, I know our property taxes are high, but if we moved out of state, we would have to send our children to private schools so we'd be paying for that, so it's really a wash either pay $5000-6000 plus in property taxes annually (and I live in one of the less expensive counties) or you can pay that in tuition on top of whatever taxes you have to pay. Though at the rate this State is going, we may be paying tuition on top of those same property taxes anyway.

My biggest concern with cutting services is Special Ed services. My son has severe ADHD, from the research I've done, the only reason he doesn't have an Asperger's diagnosis is his delays aren't across the board and he's sociable, the kids like him regardless of how he gets when he is having an adventure. Anyway, with these cuts, I'm really concerned as to whether or not they will be able to afford a full-time aide for him next year and there's no way he can go without one. If they pull his aide, I very well may be homeschooling which is something that 1) we can't really afford for me to do and 2) isn't really the best thing for Kid Jedi - he needs to be around the other kids.

And for anyone who wants to blast me for my opinions about this part of the budget, I realize everything got cuts, but to have an 8% cut in Education spending when he repealed taxes on people making $400,000 plus and businesses isn't the best thing. Everyone is getting hit on this budget, every piece of the budget is getting cut. But the education of our youth is one thing that should never suffer.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Tackles to Come

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Tackle it Tuesday, oh how I miss you, I'm going to post what I have tackled this week at least...I registered for my 24 hour pre-service class to get my Alternate Route Teacher's Certification. Beyond that, well I tackled getting healthy, we've been really sick around here.

I will be finished my temp job on Friday which will open up a whole lot of free time, at least until I get another call from either the temp agency or to sub, please let it be to sub, please, please, please. So for the next month, I will be doing lots and lots of tackling...starting with my bedroom. This is the bedroom now.
I have a tendency to put any clothes that are waiting for mates on my dresser, and, well since I have pillows piled in front of my dresser, my sweaters get piled there does pretty much everything else. I also will be tackling this:
Yes, that would be the laundry pile, I've gone from doing 2 loads a day to maybe one and though my hubby is home right now due to a layoff, I don't trust him (or anyone really) to do our laundry. The most important thing I will be doing though is studying for my Praxis II exams so I can actually get that Alternate Route Certification after I am done the 24 hour class.

This is what I'm tackling this week, head on over to 5MFM to see what other Mom's are tackling and let us know what you're tackling!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I promise to be back...

Yeah, I know I fell off the face of the Earth. Well, not really, but I've been working a temp job since January 20th and by the time I get home, well, I'm lucky I have enough energy to eat dinner, bathe Kid Jedi and get myself to bed. It's not that what I do is a difficult job, I'm a secretary at a Law School, it's that I'm not used to it. For the past six years, work consisted of cooking, cleaning, taking care of a child, driving here and there. Now, I have to get up every morning earlier than I have in a long time and I'm out the door before Kid Jedi's even ready for school. That being said, I actually like what I'm doing, though I don't think I'd want to do it permanently. I'm still looking to become a teacher or at least an aide.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New job...more changes

Well, tomorrow is my first day working outside the home in 6 years. Well, not really true, I did have a part time job for a couple of months after Kid Jedi was born, but it was overnight work and I was still home for him. It's a temp job that runs through the end of February. The money will help since we are trying to make ends meet and not use any credit cards, and I'm happy and very sad about this. Tomorrow will be the first day I haven't taken Kid Jedi to school in the morning and the first time I won't be picking him up. Of course, I'm more upset about that than him since Daddy will still be there.

On the positive side of things. I'm setting myself up to get my teaching certificate and I've applied for a few aide positions. I also got an email today from a special education facility in our area looking for aides, I sent my resume for follow up to that one too.

I am also going to see if I can help out with Children's Church to get some more experience working with children in a teaching capacity.

Hopefully by the time this job is done, I will have an aide position lined up. If not, I'll be putting my Substitute Certificate out to more school districts.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Future Stanely Cup Winner!?!

This is from an assembly at school with Former Philadelphia Flyer Bob Kelly. Check out more Wordless Wednesday posts at 5MFM.