Monday, December 14, 2009

Looking for the Silver Lining

They say when it rains, it pours... I'd like for that to be a positive statement sometime. On top of our already grim financial situation, and me looking for a job (and going back for my Teacher Certification), we found out on Thursday that my husband, our only income and person holding our benefits, is getting laid off. We are trying to look at this in the positive. He wasn't happy at his job, so now he'll be in a great position to look elsewhere. He wanted a change in careers, well, this sets him up great for that. I was worried that someone wouldn't be here for Kid Jedi if I had to take a full-time position, well, now Daddy will be there. He was upset because he worked for a Health Insurance Company and they don't pay well, well now he can change industries.

The good news is, we are covered under benefits through his Severance time, which would put us through the middle of August, which is good since we just started Therapy for Kid Jedi's ADHD, and we may be able to go during the day and see the Psychologist we really wanted to see. And my wonderful parents are paying for me to get my Teacher's Certification, NJ has an alternate route for people with Bachelor's Degrees which doesn't require you to go back to college and pay those high tuition bills.

As difficult as this situation is, I really feel like it's a door opening rather than one closing...I just wish it wasn't right before Christmas!