Saturday, May 7, 2011

A New Label

So, it has been a really, really long week.  Kid Jedi went back to school on Monday after being off for a week (I did too, well, to work).  He had a pretty good week, except for Wednesday which was the WORST day in a long time.  On Tuesday though, we had his Neurologist appointment to see if we could get some more answers about his behavior.  As you may, or may not, know, Kid Jedi was diagnosed with ADHD combined type last September, check it out here.  Well we had noticed changes in his behavior starting the end of Kindergarten, but even more so over the winter this year, so we made the Neurologist appointment (I know I wrote about this before, but I love repeating myself...just ask my husband who has heard the same family stories about a million times each).  Anyway, we walked out with an Asperger's diagnosis, no ADHD on Tuesday within 1-1/2 hours from when our appointment was.  No surprise.

What I have found surprising though is how tough this is for me.  We went into this appointment figuring this is what we would wind up with as a diagnosis, but over the last couple of days, it's really been an overwhelming thought.  I guess it's one thing to look into the possibility of something as a diagnosis, it's another looking at living with it for the rest of your life.  So, I'm doing lots of research, making a list of everyone, friends, family, etc that I can call and get help from and gearing up to help Kid Jedi be the best Kid Jedi he can be!

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