Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Eco-friendly AD/HD Child

One thing to love, and hate, about having AD/HD in our life is the ability of Kid Jedi to feel passionately and unwaveringly about something. In our case it is the environment. Kid Jedi thinks it's his personal calling in life to save the Earth. We went to HersheyPark yesterday for their Springtime in the Park celebration. He wanted to pick up all the trash people left on the ground and more than once was heard saying "these people don't love the earth, they are ruining it because they leave their trash everywhere". My DH told me that when they were getting on The Howler, he said that "HersheyPark doesn't love the Earth, the plants they have aren't from here, they took out plants from here and put these plants here, that isn't good for the Earth."

I will take full responsibility for his overzealous opinions toward littering and recycling, but I have no idea where he learned about native plants being better.

He was also upset with the poor guy making the Kettle Corn because he threw the empty oil bottles into the trash instead of recycling them...we must give him the benefit of the doubt that he may normally recycle, but when they have a line that keeps growing and he has to refill his oil, popcorn and sugar, efficiency is his priority, not recycling.

I love that my son is so concerned about the environment, but I never realized how much he sees and understands about what is good and bad for the environment.