Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

First grade....great first week!

To say that this has been a busy week is like saying the Titanic was a boat (or that it had a small accident)...School started this week.  The first day went well.  Kid Jedi was totally excited to go back to school and see his friends.  And, we didn't get a call from the school AT ALL!!  He actually had a very good week and the only tears came when I picked him up right after school at the After School program.  You see, I'm intending to sub more this year...a lot more this year, so we signed him up for our school's before/after school program and since he may be there after school, I always have to pick him up there after school, even when he's not staying...good for scheduling, bad for children.  So he cried, not because he had a bad day, because he didn't want to leave.

Tuesday and Wednesday were half days, so he was done at 12:45...Tuesday one of his friends came over and they played, and I pinned some pants for the little boy so I can hem them for him (which I really need to get to this week).  And then soccer practice started.  Let's just say he had fun and leave it at that.

Wednesday I was supposed to get some cleaning done but that just didn't happen.  A woman I work with on our Special Ed parents' group was having a tough day, so she came over for coffee...and stayed until almost noon.  Now, I did invite her over and she did need someone to talk to but right now my house looks like a bomb went off and I really need to throw everything out organize our junk things and get some serious cleaning done.  I mean, Kid Jedi has been home for 10 weeks and I've gotten nothing, and I mean nothing done.

So, then Thursday was upon us and it was Kid Jedi's first full day...which was a good day, except for an incident at lunch which, if it was anyone else's child, would have been really funny.  Ok, it was really funny and it's my child!  He got to take lunch, and since right now the only thing he really eats is cheese ravioli, that's what he got!  And the only way ravioli is complete is when you put some grated parmesan cheese on it, right?  Well, I sent some in for him and he did put some on his ravioli...and then he dumped some on a little boy's head.  Now, Kid Jedi has a 1:1 aide, but let's be real, she's human she can't prevent everything and she can't be there all the time.  So one of the other adults in the lunchroom told her what he did, and Kid Jedi had to clean it up.  Now, from the sound of it, he didn't get punished for christening another child with stinky parmesan cheese, which in a way is good since it shows that his aide knows him.  Her words to me were, I didn't say anything to Kid Jedi about what he did since I'm not sure what the other boy did.  Now Kid Jedi does these things, grabs other kids, pins them down, dumps cheese that smells like dirty feet on kids' heads, but only when he's provoked...and he was.  Apparently the other child said that the school custodian was to a 6, almost 7 year old, he is old...but Kid Jedi will protect his friends (and he loves the custodian) through anything...that's what gets him in the most trouble.  Oh, and a lot of grumpiness happened on Thursday since Kid Jedi felt he should be up at 5, then fell asleep from 7-7:35 while I showered, then I had to wake him up since his father didn't know what time I needed him to get dressed, though he knows we leave at 8 to get to school.  So, he was tired and grumpy, but even the Behaviorist who never sees any improvement remarked about how he's improved with listening.

Then Friday came...Kid Jedi had a great day, got to stay at the after school program, got ice cream for a treat, got to play with Daddy.  And I got to start my weekend of Women of Faith in Philadelphia, but that's another post...

He had his first soccer game yesterday, though I missed it.  They lost 3-2, but he stayed focused on the game until the 4th quarter.  Though come the 4th quarter, he had much more interest in the grass.

So now, we get ready for week 2 and some sub jobs for me.  I'm already subbing Tuesday and Wednesday and was going to sub tomorrow, but I have some paperwork to drop off at so I can sub at our county school for special needs children who need more than their home districts can provide.

I'm really glad we had a great start to first grade...and I hope it continues.  We did get a note on Friday that Kid Jedi will be getting help with his handwriting, which may or may not work since he has several relatives without very neat handwriting and, well, you can't change genetics...and I wouldn't want to.