Friday, September 11, 2009

Looong first week of school

Well, to say that it's been a bad week would have to be an understatement. We got a call from the principal the first day of school to discuss Kid Jedi's behavior in the classroom. He called in the Child Study Team, you know, the people who said there was nothing wrong with Kid Jedi, he was just bored. Well, they went to see him on Day 2 of school, which was apparently worse than Day 1 since I got a call at 11 asking to come meet with the principal to discuss Kid Jedi's behavior and our options. He advised that a Behavior Therapist would be coming in to set up a Behavior Plan for the teacher and said that if we wanted, we could keep Kid Jedi home until the therapist could come in. Yeah, not happening, he needs to get adjusted and keeping him out until next Friday does him and his teacher an injustice because they lose that time to build an understanding of each other.

I did mention to the principal that I didn't want Kid Jedi to fall behind, I almost heard laughter at that, he said that that would not be a problem, he was very impressed with his vocabulary, and apparently Kid Jedi is the only Kindergartner or First Grader who can say his (the principal) name correctly.

After the first day, we called the ADHD Management Team at CHOP to see if we could move Kid Jedi's 9/22 evaluation appointment up, he's now going 9/16 and if anyone cancels in the meantime, we'll go in even earlier, though at this point I don't think that will happen.

And to top all this off one of our cats died after Kid Jedi went to bed on the first day of school, so I got to pick him up early from the principals office and then tell him what happened. We decided to keep him home yesterday because he was having such a difficult time with dealing with the cat's death (and yesterday was a full day, not 1/2 like the first 2 days), we knew that he would be even more unbearable in school.

So as of right now, his interventions are a weighted vest (I hope this works, I put something on his lap yesterday while we were doing some work and it helped), and he will have a shortened school day until we see what CHOP recommends. Next Friday the Behavior Therapist comes in and a behavior plan will be in place. The Child Study Team will be providing me with a report to take to CHOP on Wednesday so they can see what his school behavior has been and what they decided to try.

Here's hoping today will be better.

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