Sunday, September 27, 2009

We have a plan!

Sorry I haven't updated sooner, with Kid Jedi getting tutoring, and, well him just being home all day, things for me are taking much longer to get done than normal.

There is an IEP in place, the doctor's recommendations were not included right now, they felt that they would go under the behavior plan that will be included when they get the behavioral therapist in, but, his wonderful teacher asked for a copy of the doctor's recommendations and I know she'll let his 1:1 know about it, I'll let the 1:1 know about it.

So what is included: Kid Jedi will have a 1:1 shadow every day all day at school starting Tuesday; his tutoring lesson on Friday as well as this coming Monday will be in his classroom to start transitioning him; the school OT will consult with him as needed once per week for 30 minutes (increasing to intervention or decreasing as needed); the behavioral therapist will be in to put a behavior plan in place and to work with Kid Jedi's teacher, 1:1 and us (and I will make sure that the doctor's recommendations are included); he will be removed from the classroom daily (like they do other children who need to work on reading, etc.) to work on following directions and focus (compliance is what they call it). Other than the doctor's recommendations not being directly included, I'm ok with the plan but I will keep on them especially since the doctor's recommendations include higher leveled work as needed.

All that being said, Kid Jedi will return to the classroom on Tuesday. His 1:1 will hopefully stop by during his tutoring session on Monday to meet him. He's excited, and scared. I'm nervous. The school is expecting him to get worse before he gets better.

As far as treatment, we haven't decided about medication, but, when we can get an appointment (they have a wait because of them being booked with appointments), we will be consulting with CHOP on that to make that decision (if we go, they do a full workup on him including an EKG before putting him on medication). We will be making an appointment this week to go back to the psychologist who diagnosed Kid Jedi for counseling...they are doing a research trial on a new therapy, but we'd have to either wait for the trial or wait for the meds (if we decide to do that) and we don't think that's in Kid Jedi's best interest.

On Friday during his tutoring, he did run out into the hallway once. This is a great improvement from his first week of school when he was in the classroom for 3 hours and ran out of the room, or tried to, 3 times; the tutoring session was 2 hours and he only left the room, or tried to once.

I picked up a notebook to send Kid Jedi back with which will be for us and his 1:1 to communicate in. I'm really nervous about letting him go, but I do know that this will be good for him.

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