Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Chugging along

So, Tuesdays I usually try to do a tackle, to say that it's been difficult to do the last few weeks is, well, an understatement. We have been dealing with Kid Jedi's school problems in that he's still not back in school, but we are getting a tutor today and she'll be with him 2 hours per day until he's back in the classroom. We should have an IEP meeting on Thursday, we don't have a definite time yet, but I'm hopeful that it will happen.

So, this week's tackle is just to get Kid Jedi learning some things, we did 1 hour of lessons this morning, he finished his lowercase alphabet section of the workbook and is almost finished the math readiness section, which is pretty good for an ADHD kid, we are taking a break right now and this afternoon we'll finish math readiness and do some reading. Library either today or tomorrow.

I also need to make Kid Jedi's allergist appointment for his Asthma, which is needed because he's starting to cough again.

I feel like the Little Engine that Could, and if I don't say "I think I can", I'm afraid I won't. I'll just keep going and we'll make it.

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Susie said...

Good luck on that very important tackle!!

Danielle said...

Okay my son's name is Jed and we sometimes call him Jedi or Jedie ;). He has asthma and allergies. I know what it is like to have to tackle school and everything else not easy!
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