Saturday, September 12, 2009

No school for a while

So, Kid Jedi went back to school yesterday and I got a call at 10:30 from the head of the Child Study Team. Their new recommendation is that we keep Kid Jedi home until he has his evaluation from CHOP on Wednesday. She said that he's learning bad habits and it can be detrimental to him to keep being punished for his doing things he has no real control over. So we'll be homeschooling for the next few days. His teacher sent home some worksheets, and said she'd work with me to get some more work to him, but they aren't doing a whole lot in class right now. Oh, and I can see why he doesn't want to do the work they give him. It's worksheets where you write the letters and then circle them in the picture below, and on the back it's coloring. Exactly the thing that Child Study Team said was torture for him last year!

He was supposed to stay until 12, but I picked him up at 10:45 at the Guidance Counsellor's office, she was great with him. He actually drew a flower on the chalkboard, my son who can't stand to write or draw drew the most beautiful flower! Again, I heard how much he wants to please and how smart he is, but he just can't control himself.

Child Study Team thinks he may have ADHD, but he definitely has some sensory issues. We'll see on Wednesday. In the meantime, I'll work with him here which will probably put him even further ahead of where they are teaching. When I worked with him Thursday, I went over 25 sight words that he should know by the end of Kindergarten, well he knew 19 of them, and of the 6 he said he didn't know, I've seen him read 4 of them. We're now working on writing them.

The school is hiring an one-on-one aid for him, they are looking for someone who has experience working with kids like Kid Jedi. Hopefully this will all work out. He's too smart to let fall through the cracks!

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