Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another step forward

Well, we got the recommendations from the doc. IEP/504 meeting is at 2:00 today, so I have to copy the school recommendations and get them to the Child Study Team early. I was going to email, but was told by my wonderful HIPAA knowledgeable hubby that email is not confidential and it would set a bad precedence for the communications, so now no email, but I have to take my ADHD combined type to the High School (where our Child Study Team is housed) so I can drop off the info so it can be included in the IEP/504 for our meeting this afternoon. I'm happy with the doctor's recommendations for the classroom so that's a plus. I'm just really hoping we can get him back in the classroom quickly.

Kid Jedi's been doing ok with his home instructor. I can really see his impulsivity when he works with her. He ran away from her twice today when he was supposed to be doing work, but, of course, things were different today than yesterday since DH and I were at the doctor's getting the report so my parents were here.

The doctor also told us of a clinical trial going on at the hospital comparing 2 different therapy protocols. We're trying to decide what to do with that. No meds at this point, we're not sure about that either especially with his asthma and he tested a little high on the anxiety scale and most of the meds increase anxiety. So, we have a lot of research and talking to do. But, hopefully we'll have a school plan in place and get Kid Jedi headed back to school.

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Kelly @ The Miller Mix said...

I hope your 504/IEP meeting was successful. I've been wavering between getting something in place for my son or winging third grade without one. I hope it helps!