Thursday, July 29, 2010

Busy, busy bees

That's what we've been, though I don't really feel a sense of accomplishment, yet.

We've had a busy week. Our church is running their Vacation Bible School this week, the theme is Heartbeat Hospital. We've had a great turn out all week, last night we had 55 children, plus 10 teen helpers! We have the wonderful Miss Karen who paints some amazing pictures for us.

We've had some great crafts, games, snacks, the kids have gotten some great prizes and most of all we've learned about God and how he works on his heart. We are collecting coins for Elijah's House in Timbuktu. The children are all having a great time. Kid Jedi brought some friends yesterday and he loves learning more and more about what God has done to bring us to him.

Our goal, as servants of the one true God is to bring some of these children to a belief in Jesus Christ. Please pray for us that we will not only provide these children with fun this week, but an eternal life.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Yeah, so back in the middle of June I finally took my Praxis II for my K-5 Teacher's Certification. I'm doing the Alternate Route to Teaching in New Jersey which means I have a degree, I take my tests, get a CE, find a job, and take my Pedagogy courses during my first year of teaching. So, I got my scores on July 6, I passed. So I submitted my application to the state on July 9, got my forms Notarized and sent in all my supporting info (transcripts, Certificate of Completion for the 24-hour Pre-Service class, etc.) and now I wait. I guess I probably wouldn't be as frustrated if the State showed that they had received my test scores, but they don't. So, here I am 16 days after I got my scores on-line and the State doesn't show that they've received them. Keep in mind that the company that does the Praxis test is in the same State, actually only a couple of towns away from the State Capitol.

And, on top of me checking daily, multiple times, I'm studying for my K-12 English Literature Praxis II text I have this Saturday morning, getting things together for our church's VBS which starts next week and I have to teach Sunday School this Sunday. Oh, and I'm looking for Substitute positions because I don't really want to take an aide position and lose out on the slim, almost nonexistent chance I might find a teaching position for the next school year (well maybe a teacher will take maternity leave).

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lego misadventure

I discovered a couple of things about myself today...I can handle the sight of blood, and a lot of it coming from my child's hand, I can't handle the smell of blood as I clean it out of his shirt, my pants and my Vera Bradley bag, I can handle looking at the wound, but my husband can't.

We had an incident this morning. Kid Jedi, who is 6, decided to open a Lego kit he wanted to build, but instead of opening it with his hands, he decided he should use my DH's Swiss Army keychain, specifically the knife. Well, he cut toward himself, the knife got stuck and when he pulled, he sliced across his thumb. Now, I found out that finger wounds on 6 year olds bleed as bad as head wounds. I also discovered that as dull as the knife is on those keychains, it will slice through a child's fingernail.

Don't think we leave the keychain laying around for him to get and use, he was building a set last night before bed and the keychain/knife got left out. And he wasn't actually unsupervised for long this morning, it happened while I was in the bathroom, less than a minute. We did call the doctor's office and thought the cut was deep enough to go through the fingernail, since the bleeding stopped with pressure, no stitches were needed. We will just be tending to his thumb for the next several months as the split nail grows out.

Needless to say, the Swiss Army keychain is now put away higher than it was before, we had a long talk with him about never using knives until he learns how to use them and we say it's ok for him to use it...and to ask for help!! He never once asked me to help him open it when he saw it was a box he couldn't open on his own.

Any adventures going on at your home this summer?