Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Yeah, so back in the middle of June I finally took my Praxis II for my K-5 Teacher's Certification. I'm doing the Alternate Route to Teaching in New Jersey which means I have a degree, I take my tests, get a CE, find a job, and take my Pedagogy courses during my first year of teaching. So, I got my scores on July 6, I passed. So I submitted my application to the state on July 9, got my forms Notarized and sent in all my supporting info (transcripts, Certificate of Completion for the 24-hour Pre-Service class, etc.) and now I wait. I guess I probably wouldn't be as frustrated if the State showed that they had received my test scores, but they don't. So, here I am 16 days after I got my scores on-line and the State doesn't show that they've received them. Keep in mind that the company that does the Praxis test is in the same State, actually only a couple of towns away from the State Capitol.

And, on top of me checking daily, multiple times, I'm studying for my K-12 English Literature Praxis II text I have this Saturday morning, getting things together for our church's VBS which starts next week and I have to teach Sunday School this Sunday. Oh, and I'm looking for Substitute positions because I don't really want to take an aide position and lose out on the slim, almost nonexistent chance I might find a teaching position for the next school year (well maybe a teacher will take maternity leave).

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Meghan said...

It will all come together.
Good luck finding a job.
I have at least 2 more years before I consider looking.
Since my student teaching was a horrendous experience I'm not sure I wanna teach.