Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bad blogger, bad, bad blogger....

To say things around here have been hectic is an understatement.  To bring you up to date, my wonderful, loving husband got notice that he would be getting laid off last December, right before Christmas.  His last day of employment was February 12 of this year (his birthday), and so we went on unemployment...keep in mind I am a substitute teacher, no permanent job, no benefits, nothing.  Fortunately his longevity with the company kept a severance check and benefits coming in through the summer.  However, with the job market in the Philadelphia area being what it is and huge amounts of layoffs happening, jobs were not easy to be found.  He did start a new job at a non-profit on August 9, which he loves, but with a $15,000/year paycut and very expensive benefits.

In the meantime, as of September, I received my K-5 and Supplemental Reading and Math for K-8 teaching certifications through the Alternate Route program in NJ, but since our wonderful governor cut funding to schools, botched the Race to the Top application and basically declared war on schools and the NJEA, there are no jobs in schools in this area.  And since I did Alternate Route I can't just apply in another state, not that they are doing any better.

So, subbing I do, but we had to go all of September and 1/2 of October with just my husband's reduced pay.  We are now struggling with our bills, and not happy at all about our financial situation.  I am still looking for a permanent position, but trying really hard to keep on God's path of me working with children.  I did have an interview this week for a Toddler teacher at a Preschool in the area, but by the time I would have to pay for my son's before and after school care and camp or a sitter for the summer, the pay wasn't worth it...I'm actually making almost as much as a sub, but no benefits.  So the search goes on.

I have a sub job that lasts until the end of this month, possibly longer, and hopefully something permanent will come along, I'm looking into all types of positions, aide, preschool, private and public schools.

On the positive, Kid Jedi got his first report card and is doing wonderfully, he needs to work on his handwriting and following directions the first time (he's stubborn and has ADHD, not a good combination).   He is having a great year at school.

We are looking at our current season as a lesson, we are paying off our credit cards, and NEVER using them again.  Any points you can get from them are not worth the headache.  It's easier (and cheaper) to pay cash and it teaches children patience.

Our situation will get better, we will make it through this season of our life and we will be better for it.

I promise my next post won't be so far away and will not be as serious and depressing.

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