Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year, New Goals

As the end of another year is upon us, instead of looking back on this year, which has been trying to say the least, I am choosing to look forward.  We decided in the summer of 2009 to go to a credit card free system, and  we are continuing that and working on trying to pay off all our credit card debt and not use ANY credit.  I will be starting another blog on that as soon as I can get all my information together.

This coming year I am working on reducing....reducing my weight, the clutter in this house, our debt, and most of all our wasted time.  We are starting Family Game Night, cutting back on screen time, and spending more time together as a family and with friends we never seem to have the time to see.  I am also working on getting a full-time job, preferably teaching, but right now I'll take anything...I can always work on my Master's Degree before I start teaching instead of after. 

I've been talking to my cousin who turned my DH and I on to Dave Ramsey and have decided I'm going to invest some time and a bit of money in to starting an Etsy shop with my knitting and sewing, maybe even teach some classes in my home on the side. 

My goal (I decided that sounded better than resolution) for 2011 is to be gainfully employed, have fewer credit card balances, weigh less than I do today and not regret the end of any day or weekend for lost time.

Oh, and I'm also going to do my best to blog more...Kid Jedi is becoming an amazing little boy whose creativity and intelligence amazes me every day.

I wish you all a happy and healthy new year...may all your goals be reached.

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Dawn said...

Hugz.......I so hear you.
I also think you share this post on a blog hop I was invited to join.

Lynda said...

Renee, what wonderful "goals" for 2011. I too am making goals since resolutions never seem to work out for me. Thank you for linking to my blog hop. I look forward to seeing how your year progresses, adding you to my prayer list. =) God Bless!

Susan Evans said...

Good goals.! I like your idea of reducing everything...LOL

Dawn said...

Yay for joining in the hop and we can't wait for game night!