Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer wrap-up

So, next Tuesday (September 7), Kid Jedi will be returning to school.  We will be on a new schedule this year with me substituting as much as possible this year and sending him to our school's before/after care program.  It's difficult for me to enter this year and not be completely available for him as I have been every day of his life so far, but it's time to enter a new season of our life.

We are entering into the last week of summer vacation, and as usual we will try to pack as much summer fun into it as we can.  The plan is to go to the pool as much as we can, especially with a heatwave coming on this week.  The hubby took him to HersheyPark yesterday and they stayed the whole day...literally, they got there less than 1 hour after opening and didn't leave until the park closed at 10.  There's one of Kid Jedi's classmates that we haven't had a chance to have a playdate with, so I'll try to call his Mom this week and schedule that as well as another little girl he wants to get together with.  Fortunately all our school shopping is done, so we can dedicate next week to fun.

Kid Jedi had the chance to meet his teacher last week.  Our class lists aren't actually posted yet, they won't be until this coming Friday, but we requested this teacher since she really works with her students on social etiquette which Kid Jedi really needs.  Prior to meeting her, he said he wanted the other 1st grade teacher, but now he's really happy with her.

So, here's to a fun last week of summer and a great first week of school...

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