Monday, August 16, 2010

The Lost Summer

Somehow, summer is almost over. I know in some areas, school is already starting. I have a cousin in Georgia who is starting school today. But here, it seems like we barely started summer and now we have 3 weeks left until the kiddos are back in school. Granted, this winter we had lots of this stuff.

So, we didn't get out of school until June 24, but still. I guess we filled up our summer with lots of activities.

Kid Jedi spent his first weekend down the shore with my parents (he stayed Saturday night through Tuesday), and then we had Backyard Bible Bash for 3 days.

Then, well, it was 4th of July already and Summer Reading at the Library every Wednesday started. Then starting July 12 we had a Nature Camp at our town's lake. Kid Jedi loved it, except for the heat and he thought all the hikes were going to be the same so he didn't want to do that the second day...oh, and they didn't tell me for the 1st 2 days that he was hitting one of the older kids that was helping out so I couldn't stop him from doing that, though it did stop as soon as I told him no hitting. But I have no pictures of camp.
Finally, we had a whole week off (except for summer reading at the library) but I had to study for my English Subject Matter Praxis II test. Then we had fun at VBS.

That was a fun, but exhausting week...we even had 5 children ask Jesus into their hearts. Kid Jedi wanted to do it too, but he did that last year at VBS, so Pastor Dan wants to sit with him and explain what he can do next. I love our church!!

Finally...our summer can begin. We have been to the swim club a handful of times, between being busy and the unbearable heat, it hasn't happened. The amusement parks that we have season passes to, also a bust this year. We did spend time down the shore with my parents last week and will be going again the end of this week to do some trick-or-treating at their campground.

It just seems like this is the summer that never was...well, we have 3 weeks - I guess we'll be busy having fun!!

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