Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Top Ten reasons ADHD is a blessing

ADHD is always treated as a curse, you always hear about the problems, here are my top 10 reasons I choose to see ADHD as a blessing.

1. Every day is a new adventure, literally Kid Jedi has daily adventures fighting to save the universe from some evil force.

2. You learn everything there is to know about a subject, even the minutest detail because obscure questions come up about everything.

3. You know all the different types of Lego bricks, and how many sets you are "missing".

4. You are always challenged to run, whether you want to or not.

5. You hear stories that amaze you at the creativity, like the one I have about an Alligator named Lorraine who eats piranha (Kid Jedi is in Kindergarten).

6. You collect complete sets of things: books, Lego series, sticks.

7. You get to spend lots of time outside.

8. You get lots of stories to tell and blog about.

9. You are challenged to make simple things like homework really interesting...we play a game to learn spelling words.

10. You learn patience, love, tolerance and most of all you learn that sometimes your brain just moves too fast for the rest of the world.

Not to say that ADHD doesn't have it's downside, it definitely has that, but that's another list...

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Teaching Money to Kids said...

As a teacher, I wa salways p;leased with how clean everything could be. Consistently my ADHD studens were the ones that would rather make sure the floor was clean than sit in their seat.
Amazingly, they were often still able to absorb what was going on, and sort the crayons at the same time.

:) said...

I love your list. As a Mom to ADHD Son, I can attest there is never a dull moment. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Mandi @ It'scome2this said...

Very sweet post & positive attitude. thanks for sharing!