Monday, November 24, 2008

Teacher gifts

Can I just tell you how difficult it is to decide what to give teachers who you barely know for Christmas? Well, it's even worse when one of said teachers recently basically told you that your child is the demon seed when he's on medication but it's not the medicine's fault regardless of what all those doctors, researchers and other scientists say. Well, since money is a huge issue this year, I am making scarves for my son's preschool teachers and for all of his teachers (2 preschool and 2 MOPPETS) I am making Sand-Art Brownies in a Jar and Hot Chocolate in a Jar. I started the first scarf yesterday and I now want to go buy myself some yarn and make one myself. This is what it looks like in progress:

I'll post pics when we're done - my son is helping me to make the gifts in a jar.

Check out my Tackle tomorrow when I show you the hats I made.

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