Friday, November 21, 2008


Well, things are getting rough here. Since my son went back to school on Monday while on medication, he went from improving his behavior greatly to we need to talk after Thanksgiving and figure out what to do to improve his behavior. His teacher actually told me on Wednesday "I understand he's on the medication (that makes him hyper), but the medicine can't be blamed for everything." I asked if he was really improving before being put on the medicine, and she said yes, well then maybe the medicine that makes him hyper and inhibits impulse control can be blamed for him getting up, running, doing whatever crosses his mind. The worst part is, he's made some good friends there and the school can kick him out if they feel he's too much of a disruption to the class. Anyway, my husband is taking the meeting with the teacher because I will just get upset and he's pissed to say the least.

Money is the other issue. I've been home since we had our son back in 2004. We figured I'd go back to work when he started school. But with the wonderful economy we've had and since gas prices and food prices have been astronomical, our need for more income is a little ahead of the schedule. Now, we haven't touched our savings yet, but that's about to happen and, well my husband is now looking for a second job. I am willing to get an overnight job, I need to be home during the day or pay for daycare which is kind of pointless, but he wants to do this himself for many reasons. I hate this economy. What happened to the days where you could be a SAHM and not worry, companies actually supported their workers and people actually got paid enough to live on?

So, I have my son home because, after 11-1/2 hours of sleep, he still has dark circles under his eyes and is yawning constantly (and he would just get in trouble at school and I'd have to punish him for his behavior when I put him in a bad situation) and I have great guilt for the fact that my husband is going to be taking on a second job.

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