Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday #28 - Lego kits

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Kid Jedi loves Lego bricks, and I mean loves them, he would play with them all day and night if we let him. Until the last few months though, he would ask for kits, his Daddy and I would build them with him and he'd proceed to tear them apart within days, sometimes hours. Well, since our collection is getting large, I decided that we should go through the pieces to the kits and rebuild the ships. This process has actually been going on for about a month.

I don't actually have any before pictures of this, but sad to say, this is where I am after putting all the remaining pieces into kits again.

This is what I did with the kits. If there were any pieces missing I put a note in the bag, and we are missing several pieces for some of the kits.

This is where we are putting his completed kits for now, we are working on a system to store his completed kits and his loose bricks, but we decided it would be best to build the kits we had first and go from there.

What I discovered in doing all this is:

1. We have a lot of kits.
2. We need a good system for storing pieces and keeping kits together or we will be replacing kits.
3. We need to get said system in place ASAP because...
4. We will be getting lots more Lego kits/bricks in the future.
5. If we are going to keep kits together we may want to buy duplicate kits so Kid Jedi can use the pieces to build his own creations too.

This is what I tackled this week, check out more tackles at 5MFM.


Bonnie said...

Legos are great but can be so hard to keep organized.

Great job.

Danielle said...

Good luck with the organizing! I don't envy you. That is tough work. My kids have never gotten into blocks and legos much! Check out my Tackle It Tuesday here.

Susie said...

Good luck with that evolving tackle:-)

onna@toddlercraft.net said...

Great tackle. It's always hard to keep those things together!! My son just started really getting into those. We already struggle with keeping polly pocket, pokeman and all the other little things in their place-LOL. Hope they stay organized for you. What a great activity though for your son to build with legos!