Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just an update

For those of you who follow, subscribe or otherwise happen upon my lowly blog, I figure I owe you an update, explanation something telling you why I've been a little MIA lately. Well, we've been sick. I've had that awful thing going around South Jersey where you get a fever, then your sinuses kill you and finally you have a cough that never goes away. I'm at the cough stage now, but the fever stage which for most people seemed to only be for a couple of days, had me in it's clutches for over a week. I've missed church for the last 2 weeks, and I had finally found one that was good for my son and me, my hubby will go wherever I'm happy since I'm the one that wants to go to church as a family.

My son is the only one who hasn't really gotten sick. I'm not sure if it's because we medicate him for his asthma or what. Since my hubby got a flu shot as well, it wasn't that that helped him stay healthy.

School for my son has gotten better, not sure if it's because he is starting to care about what his schoolmates think or what we've been telling him for 6 months ad nauseum has finally sunk in or maybe it's just that since he no longer has tonsils or adenoids he can get a good night's sleep and now has energy throughout the day and doesn't run around like a nut to stay awake.

Anyway, we had a great teaser of good weather yesterday and today it's rainy and cold, well I guess chilly would really be what today is. I so can't wait for warm weather and park visits and for the swim club to open up so we can spend lazy days by the pool.

I also have determined that once you hit the wonderful age of 40, which I hit the end of October, you really do go downhill. I went to the eye doctor yesterday and found out I needed bifocals. Now, to be fair I could have gotten away with not getting them right away, but it was recommended since she figures that by the end of the year I will really need them. I only need them for important things like threading a needle, detailed work, probably scrapbooking since I usually do my pages from really close up. She also recommended I get a couple of pairs of reading glasses for when I'm wearing my contacts, but my prescription is the lowest they make so it's the most difficult to find. Well, I guess I can have my Mom look in FL too since maybe with so many retirees there they may have more of a selection.

Anyway, hopefully next week I'll be back to normal and I'll post some recipes, I know I'll be tackling rescreening some screens this week so I already have that for my Tackle It Tuesday. Enjoy the rest of your week, I promise to be back soon.

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