Thursday, October 2, 2008

Genetics and my cousin's decision

Well, my cousin who found the lump went to her surgeon on Tuesday and was told that she needed to get an MRI done. The doctor doesn't seem to think that it's cancer, which is good, but given that her mother had the BRCA gene mutation, my cousin will be tested and is probably going to get a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction done. Additionally since the BRCA gene mutation also increases your chances of getting ovarian cancer, and she's done having kids, they recommend she get a hysterectomy, at 37!! She's going to complete all her testing and make all her decisions shortly b/c she wants it done so that she's all healed by the beginning of next summer.

My cousin who is in the hospital has had no change, though she's been intubated for almost 2 weeks, and there is a 2 week limit on that being done with a tube down her throat b/c of potential vocal cord damage. So, if she's not off the ventilator (and it doesn't look good), she will be getting a tracheostomy put in so that she will be able to talk when she recovers (I believe that God's will is being done here).

Thank you anyone and everyone who has happened upon this blog and is praying for these two beautiful and strong women.

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Meghan said...

thanks for the update.
Good news about it probably not being cancer.
I will still keep everyone in my prayers.