Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank you to my parents

I owe my parents a big apology and a big thank you. I've actually been saying this to them a lot since kid Jedi started preschool. My son is bright, anyone who meets him will tell you that, he loves learning things, he started reading at 4, nothing big, but, well he's observant too, loves to push people to see how far he can go, and this is most apparent in school. While he tests me and his father like any other 5 year old, at preschool, he seems to feel that he only really has to play. I do understand that since he already knows what they are learning (letters, numbers, colors, basic skills), it is a little more difficult for him to be interested in what they are teaching, but why does he insist upon not sitting down for circle time, or any other time where there is down time? I had to pick him up early from school today because he wouldn't sit and do his project, a walrus puppet for the letter "w". Apparently he also took another little boy's fish and crumpled it too, according to him, the other little boy crumpled kid Jedi's nose and tongue, but the teacher didn't see that and he didn't tell her because she was on the phone with me and he didn't want to interrupt. Now, keep in mind I get this call at 11:10 and he's done school at 11:30. What's up with that? Why can't his teachers keep control of one child. I know he can be a handful, but come on, he's been in the same class with the same teachers since September why can't they exert control over him? I never really have any issues with him when anyone else watches him so what is the deal with him and preschool?

I got so upset with his behavior today that I wound up calling his pediatrician to see what I should do. Basically she said that since his behavior is fine at home it's probably not behavioral, but rather a maturity thing for school. He's being evaluated by Child Study Team because of his preschool teacher wanting him to be evaluated and the pediatrician said that that's the best bet for school behavior. She also recommended a sleep study since he wakes up tired even after the 11 - 11.5 hours sleep he gets each night.

So, once again to my parents. Thank you for always loving me and supporting me no matter how unbearable I was and I'm sorry for all the times I was difficult.

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Anita said...

it's funny how being a parent gives a different perspective about our own parents. I often thank my mom for being as patient as she was during my teen years.
I came home with new ideas every other day and they often involved new hobbies (wanting to be a ceramic expert, sculpture, drummer).