Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HELP!! My life is not mine

Ok, so I knew that about 6 years ago when I got pregnant that my life was no longer mine, but the past few weeks have been insane around here. I have had to meet with our school district's Child Study team because my son's preschool teacher doesn't know how to handle him, there's nothing wrong with him, but in doing this, it's making his life easier at preschool. He's above where he should be academically and his preschool teacher admits that, she just doesn't understand why he can't sit during down time. She wanted to tell me that he had ADHD at one point but knows that he can sit and pay attention. It couldn't be that she's teaching these pre-k4's the alphabet and my son is a beginning reader and he's bored with what they are doing. I will admit that my son has an overactive imagination, he has "disappeared friends" and has all sorts of adventures where he's fighting the bad guys or saving someone, but I can control him, he doesn't seem to have a real issue anywhere else, not that he doesn't misbehave elsewhere, but it doesn't seem to be to this extent. We're on vacation this week, next week he has all kinds of activities in school going on, so I will go in and observe him the following week when they have a normal week, but until recently I didn't even feel like I was able to do that.

Anyway, we also spent most of last week making an Easter bonnet for my son, yes an Easter bonnet for a boy. They had an Easter Parade at school on Friday. You can see here what we did for his bonnet.

This week we are cleaning and baking. My sister gave me an Amish Friendship Bread starter which is great but I have no one to give the starters to because there is no school this week and chances are I won't see anyone, so my sister is getting 2 back, one for her and one for her friend that gave it to her and then I have to figure out what to do with the other starter and bread baking day is tomorrow.

Hopefully when we go back to school next week, maybe even by the end of this week, things will calm down and I won't want to pull my hair out every day, oh and maybe my insomnia will go away too.

I so can't wait for summer vacation!

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