Saturday, January 17, 2009

Our medical journey

Well, I remind myself every day that as trying as my son's behaviour, especially in school, is, there very well may be a reason for it. As of right now, it looks like it is because he doesn't get good sleep. Up until Christmas he was getting 11.5 hours of sleep, which time-wise is plenty, but it didn't seem to be restful as he would wake up tired, now he's getting closer to 10.5 - 11 and I'm not sure why he's waking up so early. Oh, and sorry to tell all those doctors out there, when you are asking if a 5 year old wakes up in the night due to apnea, they are usually in their own beds and the baby monitors have been taken out of their rooms (in our case, it would probably still be in there but it broke) so unless the child calls out, we parents don't usually know.

Anyway, we have been going through a lot of doctor visits since my son's visit to the ER in November for an asthma attack. We've been to an allergist, his pediatrician (for the asthma follow-up, a cold he got in December and his annual check up), and now an ENT. The allergist put him on Flonase when we mentioned his waking up tired and that improved it a little, but not 100% so they sent us for a neck xray to check for his adenoids. Turns out his adenoids are ok but his tonsils are enlarged, I'm not really sure why the doctors couldn't see that sooner. So this Thursday we are going to an ENT, he will probably be getting his tonsils out since he has sleep disturbance. I'm nervous about this, and I know it's silly, but I am.

I just wish I could get him back on a normal sleep schedule. He does usually do this either right before or after he has a growth spurt, and he's due - he always sprouts up right after his physical.


Meghan said...

Whose your ped?

Renee said...


We go to West Deptford Pediatrics on Rt. 45 in Wenonah.