Sunday, December 14, 2008

My little Wise Man

So, my son's Christmas program was Friday night, he was one of the three Wise Men, or as he's been telling me for about 2 weeks, he was a rich man who is a king. He was disappointed that the gifts weren't real gifts just wrapped cardboard boxes but, he did well anyway.

And, considering he supposedly has a behavior problem at school, he was the only wise man not fooling around on stage. The play part went well, the angel and Mary almost dropped baby Jesus, but caught him by his foot. They all did well, all the children had to do was go up on stage and stand, they had the Burl Ives recording running in the background.

The second half of his program was a little rough for him, he didn't want to go back on stage, he was tired. The show was from 7-8 and he's usually in bed by 7:30 so, this is what he looked like for most of the program, though not with his arm in the air - that was for the song they were doing.

Then we went down for cookies and juice and he didn't like the juice because they mixed Hawaiian Punch with 7Up, why they put soda in a drink for preschoolers, I really don't know, my son doesn't like soda, he says it burns his mouth. So, we went home for snack and juice and he didn't wind up in bed until 9.
He had his last hockey game on Saturday and got his first trophy, his team won every game they played this season. I didn't make the game since I woke up yesterday sick and of course my husband didn't take any pictures of him with his trophy so I'll take some and post them on another post soon.

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Meghan said...

He is so freakin adorable!