Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The way we say things...

Kid Jedi and I are off to the shore today for the week!!! Now we live in south Jersey, so really we are going "down the shore", it's one general area, once down there, you can go to the beach and sit and relax, but from home you go down the shore, one of those odd colloquialisms that are everywhere.

I remember when I went to school in Western PA, the oddest thing I ever heard was that they were going to "red up dinner", which, of course, means they were getting dinner ready.

These sayings as well as whether you call your carbonated beverages soda or pop and the totes that you bring your purchases home in bags or sacks are what make our language in the US so rich and identifiable, you can tell where people are from just from what they say or rather how they say it.

What interesting local sayings or words do you have?

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