Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Kid Jedi is out of control!

Well, the first day of karate wasn't good at all. Well, actually the first 20 minutes weren't too bad, but the last 25, well, my hubby thought we'd be asked to never bring Kid Jedi back again, EVER!!! Well, because of this, I did some research on impulse control.

We were told when we had the Child Study Team evaluation that Kid Jedi's problems in school were basically that he was bored because he knew what they were learning and since he has problems with things like coloring, which they use to teach the kids what Kid Jedi already knew, it was torture for him. He could use some orthotics to help with his balance and intoeing (which I've been trying to get someone to do something about for 2-1/2 years)...oh and there's a slight chance that he has Sensor Processing Disorder, so go buy a book and do what it says...a whole lot of help I can tell you. We went to the pediatrician and did get Kid Jedi the orthotics and they recommended a place to have him evaluated for Sensory Processing Disorder, but it's not covered by our insurance and it's $400 just for the 1-1/2 hour evaluation!! Well, we've put that off for a bit, not only because of the price but because my husband doesn't think Kid Jedi really has SPD, but that the Child Study Team put that out there to justify their evaluation, especially since the OT couldn't find anything wrong with Kid Jedi's pencil grip which the head of the Child Study Team said was very immature. Oh, and his non-verbal IQ is 129, overall 119 and that's with him refusing to complete a section of the test.

Anyway, back to the research, everything I kept coming across referred to ADHD, now I've been saying for a long time to anyone who listens that there's no way my son could have ADHD because he can sit all day and play with Lego blocks without a problem. Well at a family graduation party, my cousin told me her son had ADHD and she had the same reservation about the diagnosis, but they explained that they could hyperfocus at times too, and that's what I kept coming across, especially if they are in the impulse control/hyperactive side of ADHD and not the inattentiveness side. So, needless to say I called our pediatrician today and we are working with CHOPS Center for Management of ADHD to get him evaluated, we won't be able to actually see a doctor until the end of September or the beginning of October, but they do a full battery of tests - IQ, basic skills, depression, anxiety, and a 2 hour psych eval, the psych eval alone is about as much time as our Child Study Team spent evaluating him. To give due to the Child Study Team, since Kid Jedi was in preschool at the time of the evaluation, they had to look at him for early intervention and since his IQ was so high and he had no obvious learning disabilities, there wasn't much they could do. I do know that ADHD is not commonly diagnosed in 5 year olds, but we need something here. Since he's been out of school, he's just been getting more and more unruly, he even was sent out of Sunday School 2 weeks ago because he kept trying to crawl to the door.

I'll let you know how things go.

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