Monday, August 1, 2011


This summer we went to 2 VBS weeks, 2 different churches, 2 different styles/curricula, ONE message.  The first VBS was 2 weeks ago at a friend's church.  Kid Jedi loved it...he's still singing the songs from it (which is saying something because he doesn't remember songs).

This is our first VBS, their theme was "Backstage with the Bible".  The kids learned the 10 Commandments, that God's grace and Jesus' sacrifice are what saves us.  And they sang.  The program has a Karaoke part, and it was a huge success.


Learning a Bible verse
Our second VBS at our church, New Beginnings Bible Fellowship Church, our theme was Wet 'n Wild Week, the kids learned about Jonah and the Whale, and how we should be obedient to God's commandments, do what He asks of us and do it willingly and with a happy heart.
Pastor Dan as Jonah
Kid Jedi with his class
We took pics of all the kids, Kid Jedi looks less than thrilled.
And as we do each year we had a fundraiser, this year instead of weighing the money, the kids sunk boats (the boys won that part, but the girls brought in more money).  This year the funds went with missionaries we support, the Gambrills and will help fund their work in Haiti through BCM International.

Sinking some boats...the trick is to put all the coins in the front.
Kid Jedi had a great time at both.  I'm glad they are over...they were both in the evening and it makes for a long day, especially when I was doing work for our VBS.  God is good!

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all of the kids looked like they had a great time. Have a great day