Friday, July 15, 2011

Summer's here!

So, it's summer time...we've been home for  3-1/2 weeks.  I'm waiting to hear if I'm eligible for Unemployment because I worked at a school.  I'm waiting to hear about a great job that I had a second interview for last week (and applying for other jobs). Kid Jedi spent a week with my parents a couple of weeks ago and didn't want to come home.  So now, we are trying to get into some routine where I can do job searches, Kid Jedi can do summer reinforcement work (and reading) and we can get some of our house decluttered...maybe for a Yard Sale.

I'm trying to catch up on some book reviews on my other blog.  I have 4 more to do and am finishing up a book with my son which will add another one.  I'm a little better at reading than I am at writing the reviews.

We just got done a great VBS last night at a friend's church and we have another one at our church coming up the last week in July.

Hopefully we'll be able to settle down soon and enjoy a little bit of summer.

So, how's your summer going?

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