Monday, January 10, 2011

Toy Organization...or the Lego Collection that Took Over the World.

We are once again faced with the daunting challenge of organizing Kid Jedi's toys.  We are in the process of doing the usual get rid of things he's way too old for, pack away some things that he likes but doesn't play with so we can rotate things around in a few months...but then we have the Lego brick issue, you may think that your child has a lot of Legos, but I can honesty, without exaggeration state that Kid Jedi has thousands of Lego bricks, some in kits, some loose, they overwhelm me sometimes.

This is a picture of one of his Lego shelves.

He has 3 shelves, and that's from September, not including the Lavatraz set he earned at $2 a day on his behavior plan, or the sets he received for Christmas...or the sets he'll be getting for his birthday on Saturday.  Now, if it was just the sets, it wouldn't be that bad, but we also have 2 6-drawer craft carts with loose Legos in them, and a hardware sorter (the ones for nails, screws, etc.) with just his minifigures.

So, to tackle the Lego infestation is a whole other experience from just sorting toys because we can't put them away, he plays with them, he takes the kits apart, makes new things, maybe puts them back into kits...gets into fights with his father about them not being together.  He's very creative, and to be honest he's really good with his Legos, they give him a wonderful outlet and since he wants to be an engineer, it's kind of job training. So, I guess we're off to find yet another storage system for the Legos that better suits the growing collection we have.

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Lynda said...

My son loves Legos too. He is playing with some right now, in fact. lol We don't that many though. Happy Birthday to your son. Thank you for linking up to my blog hop. Have a blessed day!