Monday, January 3, 2011

Top 10 pieces of advice for the next generation

So, I follow the Women of Faith blogs and Anita Renfroe posted a Top 10 list of things to pass on to next generations...since I have cousins who are starting to plan weddings, and the rest of their lives, I figured I'd participate too.

1. Follow your heart, it knows better than your brain sometimes.
2.  Even if you don't believe in God, He believes in you, so PRAY!
3.  Listen to your Mom, you may not like what she has to say, but she's been there and only wants you to be happy and successful.
4.  If both of you are working, live on one paycheck and save the rest.
5.  Take time for yourself, even after you have and they will be better for it.
6.  Choose your friends carefully, they are the family you choose and should be a positive force in your life.
7.  Take care of yourself, body, mind and soul!
8.  When making a decision, weigh your options, make a decision and never look back.
9.  Live like there's no tomorrow, because sometimes there isn't.
10.  Love with all your heart, the more you love someone, the more your capacity to love.

I know a lot of this has to do with love and family, but I really think that our lives should focus on God, and family.

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Tracy said...

Hi Renee!
Great top 10 list! Now if it was just as easy to live these things as it is to type it ;)
Love is the most important thing in life and so your list is great!
Thanks for linking up to our No Ordinary Blog Hop and posting the button! Nice to "meet" you and I look forward to getting to know you!

The Adventurer said...

Hi thanks for linking up to the NOBH (No Ordinary Blog Hop). I love your list and I agree with everyone. When my husband and I married our pastor told us to make time for each other every day even when life gets to busy. It is something we have done and it keeps us close:)