Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's been a loooong 2 weeks.

I'd like to say I've been really busy working around the house, getting this place organized or even that I've been sending out my outdated resume to find a job, but, well that would not be true. I have been doing some work around the house, and I've substituted twice since I last blogged, and I went to the funeral of my best childhood friend's father. I guess my heart isn't really into going back to work and a big part of that is more health issues with Kid Jedi.

Well, health issues may not be the right term...I'll explain. When we decided to look into medication for Kid Jedi's ADHD, we went to see a Psychiatrist on staff at CHOP's ADHD Management Center. She wanted to see if Kid Jedi's iron levels were low since that can cause RLS which we know he has from his June Sleep Study, and while they were drawing blood anyway, she decided to check his liver functions for a baseline in case we did go to meds, also his B12 since my Grandmother and I have low B12 and his thyroid. Well getting the blood drawn was a nightmare, and it took us forever to get the results back...Iron within the normal range but on the low side of normal, Bilirubin a little low, Proteins a little high, ALT and GGT a little high...and B12 HIGH, and by high, I don't mean a little high, it is DOUBLE what it should be. So, being the English Major/Psych Minor that I am, I research. What does it come up as with a high B12, well, first almost nothing comes up for high B12 because most people have a deficiency, not an over-abundance, so the very few references I do come up with about High B12 (eliminating the ones from people who take B12) were that it is usually only seen in liver damage and Leukemia. Talk about scaring a poor mother to death.

So, I get in touch with Kid Jedi's pediatrician last week and we now have to get more bloodwork, fasting blood work at that. Did I mention that Kid Jedi's so deathly afraid of needles that it took both me and my loving husband holding him down to just have his hand held out for the tech to take his blood from his hand? Yeah, and we have to do this first thing in the morning. We are going at 7:45 the day after Thanksgiving. We also have to go to a GI specialist to go over what could be causing these issues.

I hate bloodwork, I know tests and screenings are really a good thing, but bloodwork? On an ADHD/Anxiety child? Who is so afraid of needles that he cowered when I got a Mantoux test? Come on.

On the positive side school has been going better. He still has bad days and we'd be lost without his Aide, but he's doing better. Oh, and the Aide told me that she thinks he's doing fine in a group setting, so meds are off the table, at least for now.

Oh, and I go to a temp agency tomorrow to get put on their rolls too, so maybe I'll work a little more. I'd really like to get some kind of permanent position at a school right now, either an Aide or long-term sub. I think I'm going to take the Praxis test and do the alternative route for a teacher's certificate.

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