Monday, July 2, 2012

July Photo A Day - Day 1 - Self Portrait

So, since April I've been trying to do Fat Mum Slim's Photo A Day Challenge and, well,  I've failed miserably (especially last month when I didn't even take one picture).  Well, here I go again with a good faith effort.

The theme for Day 1 is Self-Portrait, not my favorite subject or thing to do, I always try to get away with doing something kind of like a picture of me for this one, but here you go, this is me after barely any sleep because I just don't sleep anymore.

I have discovered that I love my Olympus camera's Self Portrait mode.  Check out the July Photo Challenge over at Fat Mum Slim

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Victoria Marie Lees said...

Nice photo, Rene. I can never get a photo of myself. I always cut something out. I had one of my children take my photo for my blog. ~Victoria Marie Lees