Friday, April 6, 2012

April Photo A Day - Days 1-5

Ok, so I'm a little behind on posting this month, which is still better than last month where I forgot to take pictures after the second here we go:

Day 1: Your Reflection - one of my pet peeves about all this taking your picture in the mirror thing is that you see the camera, and since I don't do a whole lot of self portrature, I did this, it's one of my cooking pots.

Day 2: Colour - April is Autism Awareness month, and, well Kid Jedi has Autism, well Asperger's which is on the Spectrum, so here's my puzzle piece ribbon.

Day 3: Mail - I'm pretty sure we actually got something else that day, but when I went to take the picture it wasn't with these, a coupon for Jo-Ann Fabrics and a beautiful Easter card from my friend.

Day 4: Someone who makes me happy - I would have loved to have gotten a picture of Kid Jedi & his Daddy, but Kid Jedi it is...and he does make me happy even if he fights getting pictures taken.

Day 5: Tiny - not the quarter, the little Lego piece, we actually have smaller ones, but this one will do, we have a ton of them.
You can check out the list over on Fat Mum Slim

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Victoria Marie said...

Great photos, Renee. I believe that what makes photography interesing is the angle and objects photographed. They also tell much about the photographer and her life. These beautiful photographs tell volumes. Thanks for posting them. ~Victoria Marie Lees